Fly Tying for Beginners

Taught by fly tying experts, this beginner level fly tying class is everything you need to start tying your own flies.


Learn About Casting

There is no way to learn the art of fly casting more easily or quickly than spending time on the water with an experienced casting instructor.


Fly Fishing 101

An introductory class with everything you need to start your fly fishing adventure -- from rods, reels, and lines to forceps, nippers, and flotant. Learn about the bugs and forage food that fish eat, and the flies we use to mimic them.


Learn from a pro

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to fly fish, click the button below. We’ll teach you how.

Do you want to feel the tug when you hook a fish, but haven’t even learned to cast? Here’s a great place to start. We’ll teach you about how fly fishing works, the gear you’ll use, and how to use it. If you’re new to fly fishing, Fly Fishing 101 is the class you have to take.

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In addition to supplying the best selection of fly fishing gear at the best prices, AZ Fly Shop is committed to providing exceptional experiences and opportunities to learn. All our classes are taught by experienced, long-time professional instructors. We offer several different regularly scheduled classes and “meet ups” along with private instruction, and then, we sprinkle in a handful of special events throughout the year.

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