Lees Ferry Citizen Science Fish Lengths

Lees Ferry - Citizen Science Fish lengths

If you are planning a trip to Lee Ferry for a fishing opportunity please download the sheet below and take it with you.  

Step1: Download Citizen Science Dataset below:

Step 2: Start of the day:

  • Fill out the top of the data sheet.

Step 3: Record your Data

  • While fishing: As you catch fish, measure total length (from the snout to the tip of the tail, pinch the tail lobes together to make sure as long as possible) of each fish to the nearest inch.
  • For rainbow trout, there are boxes for fish length – records a tally mark count each fish
  • For other species, write down he species and length in the other fish section.

Please record length for ALL fish caught – no matter the length or species. 

Step 4: At the end of the Day.

Submit Data:

  • Take a photo of the completed data-sheet
  •  send to Jan Boyer: email: jboyer@azgfd.gov
  • or text: 928-275-1062  
  • or, if you are interviewed at the end of your trip by an AGFD employee, you can give them the datasheet

Arizona Game and Fish will use these measurements to better understand the fishery!

We appreciate your help! Thank you!